Standing room only!

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It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written, the weather surprised me. After the first freeze warning the weather has been gorgeous and I have been working alot outdoors. Watering is taking up a big portion of my time. The gardens are so dry, its often hard to tell at this time of year, all the plants are beginning to show signs of dying back.  I know in my gardens I still need to provide as much moisture as possible up until the “hard freeze”. I garden on alot of sand and although this seasons record rain has been wonderful we have over corrected and are very, very dry. We planted some new fruit trees this spring and they have been getting a great deal of attention as is anything newly planted last year and this year.

As to the greenhouse it is Standing Room Only now that all the pots and plants have been moved there. With this warmth I have had to water there a great deal as well. Everything still looks great, (they don’t know they are indoors yet!) and the greenhouse smells wonderful, all the scented foliage along with pots of lavender, basils, thyme and salvia’s and of course the dirt provides a fragrance only a gardener could love.

In my last post I talked about tree frogs being my companions during the long winter. Today as I watered I met this years resident and have posted a picture of him or her on the Queen Anne fern.

This time of year I always wonder

Tree FrogGreenhouse

at our ability to change our mind set to prepare for winter. Preserving the harvest, cleaning the gardens, cleaning and storing the tools and preparing the greenhouse for the change. I do know how lucky I am to enjoy this hobby and my winter getaway. Bring on the snow!

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